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Boycotting Hartz

Because animals can't speak up for themselves

Hartz: Quality Poison for Pets since 1929
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On November 30th, 2004, my cat Sevena had a near-fatal reaction to Hartz Flea and Tick Drops for cats 10 lbs or less. The flea drops were administered properly on the back of her neck, away from her mouth, and she is the correct weight (10 lbs). She was rushed to the vet, and after $200 in vet bills and a day in the hospital, she made it. Sevena is fortunate that she survived. She is now displaying constant neurological problems that will hopefully lessen as time goes by. I had no idea that Hartz flea and tick drops were so lethal, otherwise they would have never been used on my cats. Awareness is the key. The public needs to know the truth, and I am trying my hardest to spread the word to prevent anymore tragedies.

Regardless, this should not have happened in the first place, nor should it have happened to any cat or dog out there. If this were a product for children it would have been outlawed before it even hit the shelves. In my opinion, using this product on your animal is like playing russian roulette. Hartz uses phenothrin, a pesticide that has been around for 50 years, is not nearly as effective, and can be toxic. This problem is going to keep occurring until either Hartz decides money isn't everything, or the EPA demands the product be pulled.

Adverse reactions include the following:
- Dizziness
- Imbalance
- Twitching, jerking of the legs
- Chemical burns
- Loss of fur
- Seizures

Hartz products kill. They are dangerous. Since animals have looser restrictions on the market, these poisonous products are still allowed to be sold over the counter. Thousands upon thousands of poisoning cases happen constantly, but not all are reported. I am willing to bet that many pets died without the owner really knowing what caused the death of their beloved cat or dog.

It is outrageous that this continues to happen. Please join the fight against Hartz Mountain Corporation to have this product removed from the shelves. Tell all your friends, spread the word. Spend a little extra money and buy SAFE flea drops like Frontline and Advantage from veteranary clinics, it may save your pet's life.

For further information, please visit this very informative site:


To contact Hartz directly, please write to or call:
Consumer Relations Department
The Hartz Mountain Corporation
400 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA